Study in Bucharest

Bucharest – Romania’s capital, is today a bustling metropolis, known for its wide boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and its nickname “Little Paris”. The largest city and most popular destination where to study abroad in Romania.

Bucharest is a major cultural, financial, and industrial hub of Eastern Europe. Here you will find the biggest number of museums, universities and other cultural institutes from Romania.

The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) is situated in Bucharest.

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Arriving in Bucharest

Bucharest is well connected to almost the entire world. Daily flights arrive and depart from the Henri Coanda Airport

From Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport To Bucharest

Getting around in Bucharest

Public Transportation

For more information please consult the following sites:

We recommend you to pay attention when using taxis, as there are 2 types of taxi drivers in Bucharest: those who are individually licensed and practice high prices, and those working for taxi companies, with prices between 1.39 lei / km – 3.9 lei/km.

Learning Romanian

Romanian is one of the five European latin languages along with Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Romanian is the official national language of Romania and it’s fairly easy to learn!

Romanian language classes are organised in different universities within dedicated departments. The preparatory language programme takes a full year for undergraduate students, however for post graduate study, the course takes six months.

Cost of living


• Shared Rental – 80 Euro to 150 Euro/month
• Shared Rental – 80 Euro to 150 Euro/month
• Private Housing/Rental – 130 Euro to 300 Euro/month
• On Campus dormitories – 50 Euro to 85 Euro/month

Other living expenses
• Food (canteen/groceries/eating out) – 100 Euro to 300 Euro/month
• Phone and internet – 20 Euro to 40 Euro/month
• Public transportation – 10 to 30Euro/month
• Entertainment: 200 Euro/month

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