Academic programmes in Romanian

Undergraduate degree programmes

Faculty of Public Administration


Public Administration
European Administration


Faculty of Communication and Public Relations


Communication and Public Relations
Communication and Emerging Media

Faculty of Management



Faculty of Political Sciences


Political Sciences
International Relations and European Studies

Master’s degree programmes

We offer 46 master’s programmes taught in Romanian

Doctoral studies

The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA) organizes doctoral studies in the following areas: Political Sciences (since 2000), Administrative Sciences (since 2001), Sociology (since 2008) and Communication Sciences (since 2008).

SNSPA organized the first doctoral programme in Political Sciences in Romania and is the only institution that organizes doctoral studies in Administrative Sciences. The most significant doctoral research topics include: governance studies, good administration, human rights in public administration, institutional evaluation, political theories, public policies, gender policies, political sociology, post-socialism anthropology, Euro-skepticism, European identity, European public area, European Union communication policy, international relations, security studies, political ethics, educational policies. The characteristics of the doctoral programme in SNSPA derive from the coordinators’ expertise, from the research programmes and the values embraced by the academic community.

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