The international relations of SNSPA are of a cross-cooperation nature. They encompass a wide spectrum of activities in the university: research, university education, postgraduate cycles, projects conducted in SNSPA with transnational partners, students’ activities, tutors’ and researchers’ activities, library endowment, academic management activity.

International academic cooperation and exchanges in SNSPA rely on a privileged value: performance. Over the last few years, SNSPA has intensified its international cooperation.

International Conferences

Smart Cities Conference

The Annual International Conference on Law and Administrative Justice from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

The International Conference on Comparative Public Administration and Management – Intellectual Capital, Knowledge & Performance

Global Economy and Governance

Comparative Public Administration and Management – Good Governance and Regulatory Quality in the 21st Century

Regional Sustainable Development – Through Competitiveness, Innovation and Human Capital

European and Regional Convergence, Innovation in Labour Public Services

International seminar Global applied econometric analysis

25 YEARS LATER Building an Efficient Public Administration Best Practice and Challenges

European Perspective of Labor Market – Inovation, Expertness, Performance

International Workshop Current Perspective on Labor Markets in National and European Context

The Annual International Conference Semiosis in Communication: Differences and Similarities

The Annual International Conference Qualitative Research in Communication

The Annual International Conference Media and the Public Sphere 2016

International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Developments

Qualitative Research in Communication 2015

International Workshop: Media and Political Institutions in Times of Elections

International Conference: Qualitative Research in Communication

International Conference: Media and the Public Sphere: Examining the Challenges in the New Communication Landscape

STRATEGICA International Conference

Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship

The European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance

The Annual International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development

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