SNSPA is continuously developing and, through its activities in domains related to governance sciences, it intends to become one of the leading research centers in Romania, while also increasing the visibility of the research conducted in this institution at European and international level.


In SNSPA research is carried out in the following fields: Political Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Communication Sciences, International Relations, Management, Sociology and Psychology, these domains being also included in the university undergraduate studies.


The scientific research activity in SNSPA contributes to the development of the necessary knowledge and skills to put theory into practice and to find solutions to issues beyond the academic interest. It is concerned with the social, economic and political environment, it stimulates external collaboration and attracts funding sources.


Alongside the Doctoral School, some of the components meant to stimulate scientific research in  SNSPA  are: research centers, individual and collective contributions of the teaching staff and students through the academic journals published by the faculties of this institution. In addition, the publications of our academics and researchers (books, research articles, papers and reports in various fields of study, etc.) as well as their public interventions stand proof of the ongoing research activity conducted in our university.

Academic Journals


This bilingual journal was initiated by the Institute of Latin American Studies in the DIREI-NUPSPA and appeared out of the wish to disseminate the results of academic and research work conducted within the Institute, but also due to the need of Romanian and even European specialists to publish on topics related to biregional relations between Europe and Latin America, European visions on the Latin American space or other subjects concerning regional issues. At the time, when this academic journal appeared in Romania, there had been no such initiative dedicated exclusively to the Latin American and the Caribbean region. The journal is open to contributions from various theoretical approaches and shows no preference for any theoretical, methodological or epistemic approach.



The Europolity journal first appeared in 2007. It is published by the Centre of European Studies in the DIREI-NUPSPA. It is a publication mainly oriented towards multi-disciplinary scholarly work in European Studies, supporting therefore relevant theoretical, methodological and empirical analyses connected to this field and coming from EU Studies or International Relations, but also from International (Political) Economy, Law, Sociological Studies, Cultural Studies, etc. Journal articles and book reviews are therefore dedicated to in-depth innovative investigations of the European polity, politics and policies, stimulating debate and facilitating academic networking of scholars interested in these topics.



This academic publication of the Faculty of Management investigates the most recent developments in management in order to promote sustainable development in all scientific and practical domains. MDKE seeks to encourage diversity of perspectives and points of view expressed by academics, professors, researchers, doctors and students, as well as practitioners.

MDKE includes studies meant to contribute to the theoretical development of the field, original research, revised versions of conference documents that have not been published, papers that bring new perspectives on old subjects or genuine empirical research. MDKE is an open-access type of publication, with a double-blind review. The editorial board includes members from international universities, as well as renowned specialists from Romania. The journal is already indexed in prestigious academic databases: DOAJ, EBSCO, Index Copernicus, ProQuest,  RePEc, Ulrich’s.



Political Perspectives is a journal of the Faculty of Political Sciences, open to any current paradigm, model or approach in the analysis and research of politics from the national and international analysis to the theories of rational choice and mathematical statistics, passing through ethics and the history of political thinking. This is the reason why the title of the journal has a plural in it: political perspectives are natural in a plural, dialogical, reflexive, deliberative society. The journal is indexed in the International Data Bases (IDB).



Published by the Centre of Communication Research of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, the Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations is a reference academic publication in the field of communication sciences. The Journal first appeared in 1999. In the Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations high quality scientific articles are published. The articles give a critical analysis of the specialty literature or present the results of research in communication, mass-media, public relations, journalism, etc. International visibility and the prestige of the publication are given by its being included in four international scientific databases – EBSCO Publishing, ProQuest CSA, CEEOL and Index Copernicus. The Journal is also recognised by the Romanian National Council of Scientific Research, and it is indexed in the International Data Bases (IDB).




The Romanian Journal of Evaluation is the product of the Institute for the Evaluation of European Public Programmes and Policies set up under the aegis of the Department of International Relations and European Integration in the NUPSPA. This is a biannual, bilingual journal comprising articles and studies in Romanian and English. It offers the academic community and practitioners a space to express their ideas in view of promoting in-depth research, study and understand the analysis domain, as well as for developing the evaluation culture in the public space. The journal is open to contributions from diverse environments and it encourages the combination of theoretical and empirical approaches.



Romanian Journal of Public Affairs (RJPA) is aiming to promote interdisciplinary research in governance, public administration, public affairs, public policy, law, economics and finance, following the philosophy of international interdisciplinary journals. RJPA is an open access journal.



The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics is an academic journal of social sciences published in English. It was launched in 2001 and is currently published by the Faculty of Political Sciences, with the support of the Project for Civic Education and Academic Development Foundation. RJSP is an international and interdisciplinary forum of discussion where high quality, original research articles are published after having been selected based on a peer-review system, in the fields of: political sciences, European studies, international relations, security studies. Besides articles, RJSP publishes reviews of recent and relevant books in these fields, as well as articles reviewing books on specific topics. RJSP is a journal indexed in the International Data Bases (IDB).



The Real Society Journal was created by a group of professors and researchers from the Sociology Department in the Faculty of Political Sciences. The journal aims at providing studies and analyses of the Romanian society conducted both by reputed specialists and young researchers or teachers. The Journal reflects in an objective way the multiple processes of daily life in the contemporary Romanian society. At the same time, it offers a place for discussion and dialogue to the specialists and the public interested in knowing and understanding social phenomena, being a useful tool to relate to the world we live in.

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