Admission requirements for Belarusian students/ Belarusian citizens

The candidates have to submit all the documents mentioned here, to the Ministry of Education at this following address

More information regarding the admission process are available here:

Academic programes in English at SNSPA

Master programs

Faculty of Public Administration


Faculty of Communication and Public Relations


Faculty of Management


Faculty of Political Studies


Department of International Relations and European Integration


PhD Programs

University graduates with a Bachelor degree and a Master degree are entitled to enroll as doctoral students, both with a minimum of 300 credits (ECST/SECT). The enrollment is possible after passing a preliminary examination (colloquium).

SNSPA offers PhD programs in political science, public administration, sociology, communication studies and management.

Admission examination for PHD Programs

For more questions regarding SNSPA academic programs, please contact us at


Appendix 1. Structure of the doctoral research proposal

  1. Theoretical argumentation:
    1. presentation of the main idea of the thesis and general context
    2. state of art of the theory/theories on which the chosen topic relies
    3. argumentation about the novelty and originality of the proposed topic
  2. Methodology
    1. Specification of main research questions and/ or hypotheses
    2. General description of the research design, with specification of method(s)
    3. Expected implications of the research
  3. References

The references of the proposal should follow the APA citation style (last edition)

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