Bachelor’s Degrees

Undergraduate Programmes

The undergraduate programmes correspond to a number of 180 transferable study credits (ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

Faculty of Public Administration

Program: Public Administration

SUBJECTS: Administrative Law • Labour and Social Security Law • Financial and Fiscal Law • Public Budgeting and Financial Administration • Management of Public Services • Criminal Liability in Public Administration • Accounting in Public Institutions • Elements of Law and Business Administration • Administrative Contentious • Techniques and methods for Public Decision Making • Ethics and Transparency • Public Servants’ Deontology • Public Policy and Administration • Urban Development and Planning.

Program: European Administration

SUBJECTS: European Administrative Law • European Economy • Basis of European Governance • European Social Space • Decision-making in the European Union • Economy of Public Affairs • European Public Policies • Budgeting and Fiscal Policies in the European Union • Regional Development and Structural Funds • Intra-community Communication • Financial Audit and Control in the EU • European Identity • Management of European Projects.

Faculty of Communication and Public Relations

Program: Communication and Public Relations

SUBJECTS: Communication Theory • Communication Philosophy • Imagology • Introduction to Public Relations • Conflicts and Communication in the 20th Century • Geopolitics and Globalisation • Research Methods in Social Sciences • Techniques and Strategies in Public Relations • Writing Techniques in Public Relations • Semiotics. Language Theories • History of Communication • Rhetoric and Argumentation Theory • Designing and Drafting Newspapers • Audio-Visual Communication • Mass Media and the Society • Project Management • Public Relations Campaigns • Image Crisis Management • History of Political Communication • Public Image of Leaders and Organisations • The Art / Technique of Public Speaking.

Program: Advertising

SUBJECTS: Writing Techniques in Advertising • Techniques and Strategies in Public Relations • The Management of Advertising Agencies • Consumer Behaviour and Persuasive Communication • International Marketing • Advertising Campaigns • Culture and Communication • Planning in Advertising • Advertising Creation • Advertising in Print Media • Advertising in Audio-Visual Media • Advertising in Digital Media • Advertising Rhetoric.

Faculty of Management

Program: Management

SUBJECTS: Company External Communication • Business Feasibility • Management of Services • Human Resources Management • Project Management • Production Management • Economic and Financial Analysis • SME Management • Management of Innovation • Marketing Strategies for Companies • Business Plans • Theory of Organisations • Business Theories and Models • Promotion Techniques for Businesses • Foundation of Marketing • Risk Management • Leadership in Modern Organisations • Business Protocol • e-Business • Sponsorship Policies • Business Negotiation Techniques • Consumer Behaviour • Business Ethics • Basics of Accounting.

Faculty of Political Sciences

Program: Political Sciences

SUBJECTS: Fundamental Concepts in Political Sciences • Political Organisations • Theory of Rational Choice • Parties and Electoral Systems • Public Policies • Introduction to International Relations • Introduction to European Studies • Political Philosophy • Contemporary Political Theories • Methods for Social and Political Research • Compared Politics • Theory of Democracy • History of Social and Political Thinking.

Program: International Relations and European Studies

SUBJECTS: Current Topics in World Politics • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy • European Communities Policies • European Politics • Society and Politics in Europe • Nations and Minorities • Multiculturalism and Democratic Values • Regional Studies • Compared Politics • International Organisations • European Construction • Institutions of the European Union.

Program: Sociology

SUBJECTS: Fundamental Concepts in Political Sciences • Political Organisations • Social Communication • Political Sociology • Social Stratification • Mobility and Migration • Investigation Methodology • Anthropology • Social Statistics, Economic Sociology • Electoral Analysis • Social Change • Deviance and Social Control • Sociology of Everyday Life • Societies and Cultures in Africa and Asia • Introduction to International Relations • Introduction to European Studies • Social Communities • Visual Sociology • Sociology of Sports.

Program: Psychology

SUBJECTS: History of Psychology • Research Methodology in Social Sciencies • Practice in Psycho-social Sciences • Communication Psychology • Theoretical Basis of Psychological Assessment • Psychology of Development • Information Technology and Statistics in Psychology • Neuropsychology • Psychological Evaluation • Psychology of Health • Experimental Psychology. Data Analysis • Organisational and Labour Psychology • Clinical Psychology • Social Psychology • Theories and Personality Evaluation, Psychological Assessment in Human Resources • Professional Performance Evaluation • Psychology of Advertising.

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